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Green Bags Start With The Grocery Store And End With The Lunch Box

It’s hard enough to come up with good ideas for a healthy lunch for your back to school crowd, but it also has to be one that they will eat. The final thing you need to be concerned with is the safety of the food you pack for lunch each day.

Buy in bulk. We are park of a homeschool program where we buy things in bulk and then divide up the supplies. This saves us a lot of money, allows us to donate some of the things to the co-op and get the chance to try out new items. If you have an extra shelf or drawer at home and can store some extra supplies, this is a great way to stretch out your back to school budget even farther.

As to disposal of its contents, the most important part is before use to dump a couple cups of clean Kitty Litter into the plastic bag liner. Instead of going the cheap route when it comes to liners I recommend buying a roll of Hefty Tall Kitchen cleanroom bags. After use, tie the plastic bag shut tightly, then maybe put the whole bag into a Wal-Mart Shopping bag for that one more layer of protection.

If you tend to have a long walk as part of your routine or the route is such that there is no short-cut to it, then remember to let the dog rest and you may even want to carry a bottle of water and a small bowl for a water break.

Your first step is to cut out the coupons on items you buy. A $2.00 coupon on baby diapers won’t do you much good if your baby is 22. Just cut out the ones that are applicable to your lifestyle. You can’t be rabid about brand loyalty, either. Be open to different brands, you just might find something that works as well or even better.

Carmex lip balm — on sale for 99 cents, with a 99 cents Extra Buck attached. Use the 55 cents off coupon in the November 7 paper and turn this into a money-maker.

Understand the enemy: Paper wasps are small, striped wasps that create paper nests in places shielded from the weather. They have distinct brown wings and are nonaggressive unless their nests are threatened. Their nests begin as small honeycombs suspended from a thin thread. The nests are often made of the wood from your deck or home. A week after the queen inserts larvae into the nest, the wasps emerge fully formed to help her build the rest of the nest. When it is completed, the nest looks like an umbrella. Nests are not reused from year to year.

Never assume you won’t need a particular lens. You may have planned to shoot some very specific pictures, but you should also expect the unexpected. Any time you have some room in your camera bags, an extra lens or two will give you more range and great opportunities for unique shots.