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How To Naturally Get Rid Of Acne – 5 Surefire Ways To Get Rid Of Your Acne

Tonsillitis – I personally recovered from major Tonsillitis when I was stuck in the rainforest once – miles from a doctor. I had nothing but a bottle of Tea Tree oil and I made a full recovery. Before that I had been getting recurring tonsillitis nearly every year and always had to take antibiotics. After recovering without antibiotics however, and using only Tea tree mouthwash, I never got it again.

This oil works great on skin conditions. It is known to work for acne, eczema and athlete’s foot. It is also an effective disinfectant and antibiotic. tea tree oil per cistite is used in a variety of ways. It comes in a lot of different products. It is sometimes used in cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, ointments, household cleaners and body wash.

Helps in calming eczema and dermatitis. This is proven, but it requires a doctor’s approval so that you can see effective results. Normally, they may allow you to include some during your bath.

Studies show that tea tree oil is very effective for treating acne. In fact it treats both inflamed and non-inflamed acne. If we compare this treatment with benzoyl peroxide, we will find that it take longer time then benzoyl peroxide to show its effectiveness but it does not cause dryness, peeling and flaking like benzoyl peroxide.

This oil also works to help with bruises, burns, gangrene, bronchial congestion and body odor. It is a good antihistamine, antioxidant and antiseptic. Other things it is used for are healing wounds, sore throats, melanoma, sinus infections, ring worms and impetigo.

Due to anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties it can help to keep the hair follicle unblocked and clear away dead skin cells. It is gentle enough to be used on babies and can be used to treat cradle cap, a common skin condition affecting baby’s scalps. The shampoo can also promote hair growth making it a great natural treatment for those suffering from hair loss. For additional benefits, a little bit of the essential oil may be mixed in with the conditioner for a dual effect.

One problem with using the oil to kill head lice is that it may cause larger breast tissue in men. The oil mimics female hormones and can cause breast enlargement in men who use it. It may not be suitable for children to use regularly. Tea tree oil is available in health food stores, some grocery stores an online. If you are unsure whether you want to use it for men or children, consult your doctor with your concerns.