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How To Play Online Games

Gone are the days when a laptop was just a simple computer. Today, there are many different, designs, colors, features are available and if one is wishing to spend good money, he or she can get a lot. And there are even notebooks specially designed for high end performance and gaming. These gaming laptops are truly fast and specially designed for performance based gaming. Gaming enthusiasts from all over the globe prefer to have one of these cool gadgets but it is only a few who can buy them as most of them are insanely expensive.

The RAM is also very important on a laptop for gamers. A gaming laptop should have at least 4GB of RAM. Additional to that, one of these laptops should have a very large hard drive. It is necessary to have one in excess of 300 GB. Also, do not overlook things that are important for any laptop, such as battery life. A laptop used for gaming should obviously have a strong battery life.

Shop around…longer than you should. You can find an excellent PC but you really must be patient. Don’t make a bad purchase because you didn’t want to wait.

The second factor to consider is the processor. The majority of laptops today will have at least a Dual Core processor and now some are coming with a Quad Core processor. The processor will decide how quickly the laptop will run and process the data. You will want to get the laptop with the fastest processor you can afford.

Since your modern warfare wallhack system will be handling heavy visuals, graphics and 3D video you need a very robust video card that can get the job done. Many recent laptops now sport dual graphics with either SLI technology (NVIDIA) or CrossFire technology (ATI). Regardless, you should check to see if you have at least 512MB of video RAM, many now have 1 Gig of RAM or more. Most gamers go with NVIDIA GeForce 8800M, 9800M and ATI Radeon HD3870 or higher ones as they hit the market.

The first and most important part is to choose a laptop amongst the many cheap laptops available. You can search online in many computer stores to find the best one that fits your price. One great such laptop amongst the many cheap laptops is the Ashton Digital Passport 2100. This laptop features the minimum requirements for the perfect gaming PC. Though you can find much cheaper desktop computers, the cheap laptops are very convenient and can go anywhere with you.

MacBook may not be known for gaming but the all new MacBook Pro is powerful enough for enjoy games on it. The 15 inch display screen along with Nvidia GeForce GT graphics card (256MB of video memory), it stands out to be a gaming friendly notebook. The 4GB DDR RAM helps in providing better performance. The system runs on Intel Core i5-460 processor that gives a speed of 2.8 GHz. Other features of this amazing looking gaming laptop include 2 megapixel camera, wifi connectivity, and long battery life.