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Mold Removal Helps You Restore Your Property

If remodeling contractors aren’t already aware, the game has changed due to a new federal mandate. Contractors remodeling homes pre 1978 must have lead safe training by April 22nd 2010 and comply with the regulation. These lead safe work practices can be a daunting and time consuming task for inexperienced remodeling contractor. The extra man hours can add up on a given project and consume profits. This article attempts to give some insiders “tricks of the trade” from a former lead abatement contractor to help reduce man hours and keep material costs down while complying with the new mandate.

Many times the worker can use an existing door and just attach the poly door to it. A time saver is to make a poly door that is reusable. First, cut a piece to fit over a standard size door. The measurement of the poly should be 38″ X 84″. Cut the upside St Johns down T and covering dust flap. Now, apply duct tape around the perimeter and fold over the edges making a “picture frame” around the edge. Duct tape the flap over the “T”. The masking tape to attach the poly to the casings can be removed and applied over and over without tearing the poly. At the end of the job, just roll it up for the next project. The reusable door should be able to be installed in 2 or 3 minutes vs. taking 10 to 15 minutes to make a new one every time.

Detecting this problem is important. If you catch it early, you can prevent the spread, which can be good for your home and your health. Most of these fungi have a velvet, cotton or leather appearance. It does not come in a particular color. A good indicator is smell. Most have a musky stench to them. Some are hidden behind walls or under floors and others are too small to see with the naked eye. Having a professional inspect your home is recommended. Your declining health can also be an indicator. Allergies to the fungi could result in eye or throat irritation, headache, rash, congestion or respiratory problems.

Although white suits are not required by the EPA mandate, they are nice to protect the worker from bringing home the dust after work. Putting on a white suit and removing it after leaving containment is far faster than vacuuming off all the workers clothing, but there are some things to consider.

Soft surfaces: Soft or delicate surfaces such as upholstered furniture and carpeting might need a trained restoration specialist to come to the rescue. Artwork or fragile valuables should be dealt with by professionals, as well. Some items may not be salvageable.

Consider extendable poles. These poles are reusable, reducing labor and issues associated with using tape. Often marketed as cargo bars for pickup trucks, these ratcheting poles extend and clamp the poly to the ceiling no matter what the height or surface. The poles also negate the problems of disturbing the wall and tape destroying the surface upon removal. Although prices differ throughout the region, extendable ratcheting poles can be purchased inexpensively.

Mold should be removed and placed in thick construction grade plastic bags. Don’t try to move the bag through the house. With mold it is best to throw the bag directly out the window eliminating the movement of mold from each room on the way out to the trash. Mold is nothing to mess with. It is unsightly, unhealthy to live with and breathe in and hard to safely take care of. If in doubt with a situation involving mold look for advice from professional mold remediation services.