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Simple Web Design Ideas You Can Use

When you start looking for photography jobs and assignments, the first thing your client wants to see is some samples of your photography work. These samples collected together are called a portfolio. Your first step to making money from your photography is building a credible portfolio of your best work. There are several ways that you can do this.

The more pages you add to your site the better it will rank. When planning to add content, pay attention to the quality. How you rank matters. Remember that 80% of all web pages viewed are found because they ranked on the first page of Google. Before you can direct your visitor to a money making page you must get them to your homepage. But first you gotta get them there! So many people make the mistake of never adding new content to an excellent Portfolio website only to have it drop to the 3rd or 4th page on Google. You might as well be on the 100th page at that point. People searching the web are very impatient. It’s unlikely they will ever get past the 2nd page. So don’t get lazy! If you post once a week or so you’ll be fine.

These software will help you on how to monitor many aspects of your website such as total visitors, unique visitors, page views, browsers used, location of users, keywords used to find your site, sites that linked to you a lot more.

Once you have your portfolio taken care of, you can start looking for jobs. There are plenty of freelance websites that will act as your gateway to the website design world. Sign up for a free account and just start browsing. This will give you a better idea of what you might be best suited for.

How much is a good web/graphic designer expect to receive as an hourly rate given the current climate, and taking into consideration that the web/graphic designer would not be working on it full-time?

Free traffic on the other hand is great because it is free. It just keeps coming and coming and this allows you to make some good cash with minimum if not zero outlay. Imagine how much money you could make if you could get lots of Free website traffic? People are making a killing online through this strategy and if you want to make cash online, then you should find out what works.

Add some photos! If you don’t already have a Flickr account… get one! If you don’t have pics of your team, your customers or your partners…take some! Link the Flickr account using your social media widgets I mentioned in #1. Photos are great to highlight your customers and give them some free visibility as well as help prospects and customers get to know your better.

Like in the previous section, people never stop asking questions. There are always people who are starting in your niche. So rather than hunt for free content, hunt for questions. The answers to those questions will provide all the free web site content you ever need.