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Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection Treatments – 3 Easy Tips That Work!

If you suffer from acne, tea tree oil might sound like a good option for getting rid of it – but does it work? There’s so much hype around natural treatments now sometimes the truth gets buried for the sake of being environmentally friendly.

Tea tree oil fights against the bacteria that cause acne while it cleanses your skin. It is available in various forms like creams, oil, and washes. The best way to treat acne is to mix a few drops of tea tree oil in warm water and wash your face. This takes away the unwanted dead cells and cleanses your skin. After washing, you can apply tea tree cream to the affected areas, using a gentle touch. For greater effects, it is better to not wash too frequently, as excessive washing takes away the moisture content from your skin.

It’s Function – Tea tree oil works by acting against the thrush-forming yeast through the compromising of the membrane functions of the yeast. An extensive study conducted by the University of Western Australia reveals the step-by-step process. Tea tree oil is easy to use as explained below…

It’s Uses In Infants – It is not recommended that you use tea tree oils as thrush treatment for infants because of its potential toxicity. In normal cases, an infant’s oral thrush would usually clear up within a couple of weeks. If after this period you still notice it lingering, you need to seek professional medical advice.

If you are soaking any washing, adding a couple of drops to the water will help reduce the risk of infection. You can keep your kitchen worktops free of bacteria by washing them in a solution of hot water and

If you have ever suffered from scabies, you will know how difficult it can be to get rid of it. The good news is that tea tree oil has been found to be very effective in the treatment of this skin condition. Researchers in Australia have conducted trials and the results are promising. This is great news especially as the parasitic mite who causes scabies is becoming increasingly resistant to usual treatments such as Lindane or Ivermectin.

Apply a lubricant to a top half of a tampon. Then add a few drops of the oil on the tampon and insert into your vagina. The lubricant prevents the tampon from absorbing the oil.

Always make sure that your feet are clean. Wash it regularly not just during bathing. The toenails are prone to fungi infections due to its condition when inside the shoes. Using the tree oil for nail fungus treatment can be very helpful for everyone.