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Three Ways To Put Fresh Spins On Old Marketing Concepts

Google is constantly changing the way they determine rankings. They make hundreds of changes to their algorithms every year and consider new factors like social signals (Facebook Likes, +1’s), site usage metrics, business reviews and many, many more. Despite all these changes, quality content and quality links are still at the heart of SEO and will be for a long time to come.

The trick is not to keep paying for programs you are no longer promoting or making any money on. It’s easy to find yourself spending several hundred dollars a month with the idea that you’re going to make some money and recoup those costs.

The coupon websites are excellent sources of promo codes for the VOIPo services. You can readily check out the ones that are popular with internet users. Another option is to focus your attention on the coupon and deal websites dedicated to technology products and services. It may take a while to locate good-quality sites with plenty of deals, but using generic searches and asking around should certainly do the trick.

When you start creating content, ANY content, you want to decide how you are going to communicate with your audience. Do you want to be seen as an authority figure with very formal written (AND oral) interaction with your clients and customers? Do you want to be seen Youtube Views Reseller Panel as friendly and down to earth? Do you want to ooze sarcasm and maybe even be seen as a little (or A LOT) crass?

I would suggest trying to find AT LEAST 3 colors ~ one dark, one light and one mid range that coordinate or match EXACTLY to your background. You will also need to decide which color you are going to use as your site defaults. I would suggest the lightest color be the default background color for text boxes, menus, tables, widget areas, sidebars and other call out type display areas. I would suggest the darkest color be used as the default for borders, links and titles. You can select the mid color as text (unless you want to use black OR white for readability), hover colors, alternate highlights, and other lesser used text and display objects.

Website hosting is cheap for $10 a month at Blue Host, GVO, or Host Gator where you can host unlimited websites. You should also buy your own domain name which will run you about $15 a year or less.

Companies spends millions of dollars each year promoting their brand recognition. Unless you live under a rock, you know what the Golden Arches mean. You know what the food will taste like and you know what types of food and service you can expect. You even know (approximately) when you can get breakfast type foods and when you will get lunch/dinner fare.

The above list is just a few of the possible ways to build links. Get creative! Be active in the web community and your local community, build relationships with others working in your field and the links will start to build up naturally.