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Tips For Novel Writing

You may have read a novel or two before you developed an interest in writing your own novel. As you read through these books you may have noticed that the authors managed to keep their theme in focus throughout the plot of the novel. For many first time novelists, maintaining the momentum and theme of the story may be difficult. Many people begin writing with bags full of enthusiasm as they are full of inspiration. But as their inspiration wanes, their enthusiasm to write fades and their novel begins to lose focus. If this sounds like you then you should learn how to write a novel fast so as to keep the focus.

Personally, writing a novel outline works for me. I have to know which way my story is going before I start. Some people need the certainty of points on paper to keep themselves on track. Writing a novel outline ensures your story will not drift off track and include scenes that stop the flow of events and action. Whatever it takes to help you sit down and write that novel, that’s the right way.

I know, sounds silly. But if you try Googling your name, you may quickly find that it is very serious. Most people have at least three names, first, middle, and last. You want to find the combination of those names and/or initials least represented in a web search. This will allow people to find articles and websites about you with much less competition from others. For example, I searched for Hugh Thomas and found a well known historical writer by that name listed for pages on end. Then I searched for “J Hugh Thomas” and found no writing competition. Therefore, as a writer I am always J Hugh Thomas.

The next technique that can help you generate your remarried empress chapter 1 is to stop trying to think up an entire novel. This is daunting, and unrealistic. Start from situations. Think of a few problems that folks face, and how they might deal with them.

You can craft a whole novel idea by asking yourself questions about these problems. Who would be caught in such a problem? What type of person finds themselves in that mess? How do you get out of it? Whose help do you need? Who benefits, who is hurt? And so on. Do this long enough and you can develop full characters and much of your plot. You’ve come a long way on the road of novel writing.

When you commit to writing a novel, start by making small goals. Always complete each goal you set for yourself. Your subconscious mind is paying attention to everything you do. Let it know you are serious and it will reward you.

Well, I won’t hold my breath, but it would be nice if we could all get together and let each other know in January 2012 whether or not we wrote that novel in 2011. Just in case you do, let me know. I’d love to read it-especially if anything I said here encouraged you to sit down and do what writers are supposed to do—write!