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Top 10 Green Items To Include In Your Baby Registry For Spring

Taking pictures of their babies is the best entertainment for all the new moms and dads and everyone in the home. All of us would like to capture each and every moment of our baby and at the same time it is so interesting to share them with friends and families.

Sometimes, a good parent will almost feel this sense of urgency, or anxiety as their child is growing up, to document each and every new step. Have you ever experienced this? If you’re honest, I’m sure your answer is yes.

Infant gift baskets, baby plush toys and Free Cute Baby Contest gifts were among the many presents that lined the two linen draped tables. Soft and plush baby blankets, cotton tee shirts, lotions, shampoos, booties, plush bears, lambs, frogs and more were wrapped in soft hues of yellows, blues, pinks and teals.

For all new mums try this…put the radio/tv/music on and leave it on at all times so that your Cute Baby Contest will be used to the noise and will sleep in shopping centres or when you go out in public.

And here’s one more tip from our Video Books for your Baby Shower Cake: If you make the petit fours with poured fondant, store in a covered cardboard box in a cool dry place such as an air-conditioned room, or if they contain perishable fillings, in the refrigerator.

Last but not the least, make sure to save some memorabilia of what you did. The happy couple would really be more happy to see some photos of the baby shower you’ve prepared for them.

Clothes with fur could be a good choice for you. The clothes are warm so they could protect your baby from cool temperatures. Other choices of clothes are combination of clothes with rabbit ears on the caps. Clothes with cartoon picture could make your baby looks so cute. Also, the choices of the right color could match the clothes with your baby.