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Travel Photography: What To Keep In Mind

Photography can bring in a bit of money while you travel. There are a fair few methods to cash in with photos such as stock photography, but there are only so many pictures of sunsets and landscapes that people need. If on the other hand you can get pictures of people with model releases you may have a chance of making some decent passive income. But that is not what this method is about.

Rota Northern Mariana Islands may also be an immense financial trip for the professional photographer. Photo publishers are always seeking new material and are always on the look out for new talent.

~ Buy a good camera. This is truly where you get what you pay for – in spades. Digital technology has evolved so Sell travel photography quickly a high quality high pixel camera can easily be found for under If you don’t plan on printing anything bigger than a 5 x 7, a camera with 6-8 megapixels will work just fine. I do recommend one with some kind of image stabilization – it helps immensely with movement and low light situations, when you can’t use flash. My camera also allows me to change the ISO, or film speed. A huge deal for me, since I had complete control over my heavy duty, mostly manual Nikon. It will come in handy more often than you think, and is a cinch to change on most cameras.

If you are intending to photograph well known landmarks, there will be plenty of images available in the various media, so that you can get an idea of what it might look like during different times of the day or different seasons. This might help you in your planning. There is nothing quite as valuable in photography as knowing how to be in the right place at the right time.

As far as flash units go, over the years I have used Elinchrome, Balcar, Speedotron and Profoto. They have all worked well for me. At this point I am using Profoto 7bs. Each pack can handle two heads with a total of 1200-watt seconds and have removable batteries, which can handle of 200 full power flashes.

Then there are all the accessories that may or may not come in handy. Should you pack that set of neutral density filters? Again, think of the types of photos you will be taking. If its landscapes, then yes, by all means put them in. If its portraits they are probably just going to take up space. This goes for the tripod as well. Usually, travel portraits are taken hand held, usually with abundant light. Landscapes however tend to be early morning or late afternoon.

Most of the micro stock websites do not have exclusivity clauses. And besides, when it comes to copyrights, the photographer is the owner. The problem there is that in order to earn from stock photography, there has to be lots of submissions. So if you’re thinking of earning through stock photography, you might want to re-think about submitting to more than a few of the top sites.