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Unusual Ways To Save Money At Christmas

We expect the Christmas season to fill us with joy and excitement. Every year we chase after that “perfect” Christmas, and every year Christmas disappoints us.

Now take the white construction paper and draw a snowman. You will affix the snowman to the inside of the card the same way that you did in the first card I explained or you might want to use pipe cleaners instead of the cardboard strips. I have seen children twist pipe cleaners into tiny springs and affix them to the snowman so he looks as if he springs out when you open the card. They affixed the pipe cleaners with glue. So it is your choice if you want to use accordion cardboard or simply utilize pipe cleaners. Whichever you feel will work best or, perhaps, you can try your hand using both idea’s.

Get your children involved. Around Christmas time, when your kids are passing out buy legal cards to their classmates, drop a candy cane and a recipe card inside the envelope, and tell them that the recipe cards are for their parents or guardians.

Show respect to anyone older than you even if you don’t agree with them. Never single out any one person whether for praise or criticism. If counterparts close their eyes while you’re talking they are listening intently, not being rude.

Diabolic Tutor. When you don’t own all the copies of a card you really want tutors are the way to go. Seeing as this was a black deck it allows you to use the only legal cards tutor in the deck, but with most times you play it this reads, “skip turn this turn and do something broken next turn.” I’m happy to see you took my advice in the M12 set review and used this in the deck, but now that we’ve up the number of singleton cards it’s time to drop this. If you think you still want it and don’t have some of the cards with casting cost over four I’ve added then keep this in the deck. Personally I would cut two of the Grave Titan to keep this card as they seem like the weakest two in the main deck.

Of course, Salt Lake is famous for scrapbookers and do-it-yourselfers. If you’re looking to make your own holiday card this year, consider one of these inexpensive card kits. At most Target locations they offer a clearance $1 section towards the front of the store. You can often find homemade holiday card making kits for $1. Kits will make 8 cards and include all materials and envelopes. Other scrapbook stores around the valley offer similar kits in sets of 12 or more. Use a 40% or 50% off coupon at places like Michaels or Roberts Crafts and a set of 12 cards could cost you as low as $2 or 3.

The Christmas season of 2008 will remain a memorable holiday for us for many reasons. I wish everyone a blessed life filled with joy, laughter, hope, and good health.