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What Are The Top 3 Locations In A Nile River Cruise?

You have not truly enjoyed Egypt if you haven’t gone for the Nile river cruises. Though Egypt is a wonderful place to be, the best way to really enjoy your stay there and really make it memorable is to go on a cruise. You are sure to find one that is best suited for your budget with the many offers that are given.

Holland America is just one cruise line that is offering exciting vacation packages around the coasts of Australia and New Zealand. One particular 14-day cruise departs from Auckland and ports in towns like Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, and more on the way to Sydney.

These cruises also give you the option of visiting every port that you see on your journey to be able to discover much more of Egypt. If you do not want to visit all the ports you can just stay on board the ship and take advantage of all it has to offer.

The second advantage of taking a cruise is that it affords multiple stop itineraries. Take a 14 day cruise through the Mediterranean and you will stop in multiple countries all for the same price. Unlike flying, say to Italy and then just touring Italy, on a Mediterranean cruise you might stop in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey and maybe even Northern Africa depending on the Cruise line.

Another important site, which you should find in any 5 stars Nile River Cruise, is the Karnak temple complex. It is one of the most religious sites for Egyptians.

Sometimes, a Carnival 2 day cruise can take you to the same worldwide destinations as the 17 day cruises. You can travel to New England, Alaska, Europe, Caribbean and other places. The Carnival Miracle has short cruises from places like to New York to the Caribbean. On one of these cruise you can experience a little of the things that offered on a longer cruise. There’s many international cuisines and the option of made to order at the Carnival Miracle Lido Restaurant. You can dine in the Carnival Miracle Bacchus dining room. Other highlights on this ship are shows at the Phantom, Mad Hatter’s Ball, a sing along at Sam’s piano bar and Raven Library and Internet Cafe.

Location is especially true if you intend to rent your Luxor home out. Tourists want to be conveniently located in central Luxor not needing a taxi every time they want a loaf of bread from the local souk. An Egyptian property can provide you with a useful rental income as well as capital return. In Egypt rentals are a fast growing market. Judging by the recovery after previous events it will not be long before Egypt is growing at 10% again and you will be sharing in that growth.