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A Baltic Cruise – Part Five – Stockholm And Warnemunde, Germany

Do you know what else Stockholm is famous for the world over? You’ve guessed it right! Stockholm is renowned for hosting the Nobel Prize awards ceremony every year. The Nobel Prize is given annually in the memory of its founder Alfred Nobel. The prize is presented to distinguished persons in several disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Medicine/Physiology, Peace and Literature.

There are very basic emotions involved in Stockholm Syndrome; fear and self-preservation. Newspaper heiress Patty Heart was said to have been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome when she wielded an assault rifle while robbing a bank with her captors. She certainly didn’t need the money. And when she was freed, she defended her kidnappers.

(2) Ann Margret- Born in Conference near Stockholm, Sweden, the beautiful Swedish actress Ann Margret is a true legend. Her acting career in Hollywood began in 1961 when she was just 19 in the film Pocketful of Miracles, alongside the great Bette Davis. She has also had numerous hits such as The Cincinnati Kid, Carnal Knowledge, The Train Robbers and many, many more.

This particular gem of a boss once waived a butcher knife in the faces of a shocked suburban family as he as he kicked them out of his restaurant for sending back an appetizer.

On a tour of St. Mary’s Church we saw an astrological clock from 1472. Hourly small Apostles march out a door to get the blessing of Jesus and go in another entry representing heaven or Paradise. Judas is refused entry. The church has a very high ceiling and a pipe organ with almost 6000 pipes.

Further north, the charming university town of Umea marks the entrance to Norrland – the true North of Sweden. The region’s rivers and sea are known as an angler’s paradise, teaming with fish. The Norrland Riviera lies further north still and can be enjoyed at pretty seaside resorts such as Pite Havsbad. The ‘Riviera’ has one of the sunniest and warmest summer climates in Scandinavia, ideal for bathing. Also worth exploring is the 300 island archipelago of Lulea, one of the most beautiful island regions of Sweden.

The race starts at exactly 2:00 in the afternoon and officially ends at 8:00 in the evening. Its completion is held at the 1912 Olympic Stadium, where the marathon always ends since it started in 1979. Of course, there is the prestigious Stockholm Marathon Medal 2010 for those who made it at the stadium until the 6th hour.