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Assorted Pyramid Storage Bins You Make In Minutes

With a sister who’s a school teacher, we spend a lot of time searching for cheap deals on plush animals, especially teddy bears. While buying “wholesale” through a drop ship might seem like the cheapest way to buy big lots of plush teddy bears, surprisingly, we’ve discovered that the dollar store is actually the better deal.

To stay accountable while you try to lose weight, keep a weight loss journal or blog. Studies have shown that people who write down their goals have a higher chance of attaining them. Looking over your journal and seeing the progress you’ve made is great encouragement when you’re ready to give up. It’s easier to avoid giving into temptation when you know you’ll have to write or blog about it afterwords.

I love your list of ‘plastikfrei free changes to date’ on your website! What are one or two changes that people could start with on their journey to being completely plastic free?

Wooden containers are great for drainage and air circulation. The big problem with the wood is that it will rot. You can either purchase a liner to lay inside the container or paint it with some sort of sealer. You could also use that black tree wound spray to seal your wooden planters on the inside and it works great! Plastic and metal containers provide no insulation from the heat and will have to be watered more frequently. Beware! These kinds of pots generally have no drain holes and it is easy to kill a plant by over watering it.

Count on Vinegar – Did I throw you on this one? Reduce the amount of chemical cleaning supplies you have in your house by using this simple non-toxic cleaner. Just use equal parts vinegar and water and tada a floor, counter, bath, and tub cleaner. You can even add a dash of lemon juice for a fresh citrus smell. And we either buy the industrial bottle or the glass one, so we plastic-free as well.

There has been some speculation that the reality star had plastic surgery. The reality star confirmed that she did have a tummy tuck, but didn’t reveal any other surgeries that she may or may not have had.

The first thing that you need to do to build the structure is choose a good location. It is always better to choose a location which has lots of sun and is protected from the winds and other harsh weather conditions.

Pens and pencils – A staple in home offices, pens and pencils are always in demand. Why not buy a couple cartons of each and save money in the process?