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Creating Professional Engagement Using Twitter And Linkedin

When speaking to potential clients, new clients, and old there is a certain amount of professionalism that needs to appear in your writing, especially when sending emails and such. Here are 20 helpful ways to avoid being labeled as a spammer or as an unprofessional entity.

The battle between the Droid and the iPhone has resulted in some great phones. Each of them are working with the best technology to try and land on top, meanwhile we have to decide which one to get. Within months of getting the phone, however, it usually means that a better one has just hit the market.

Creating a user friendly and vivid website. We all know that anything that is visually presented is better than just selling it by the word of mouth. Therefore it is important for you to create a website that will entice the visual desires of your clientele. Easy to use plug-ins, user friendly content, maximizing your ad space and a lot more. The possibilities are endless when it comes in decorating your website.

Every European resume we receive has a picture attached, sometimes right on the resume itself. European hiring managers making their first foray into U.S. hiring have asked us before about the lack of pictures on American resumes. This question hasn’t been from ignorance: they grasp the concept of U.S. hiring discrimination laws. However the rest of the world prefers a picture because, frankly, it saves time.

Secondarily you can use Google search to find what’s in the news about topics relevant to your business and publish links to those articles on your Facebook page or account as well. Don’t over-think it. You can’t break Facebook, or Twitter, or any Social Reseller tool. As long as your content is not offensive it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

Then we have the blogs. What you’ll get with these really are the true experts if you pick something sanctioned by Universities or connected to accurate news reporting sites, i.e. NPR who have access to experts in a field but just are not trying to sell ad space.

Send out Invites: Don’t be weary of asking customers to come and join the same communities you are a part of. Send out invitations or URLs from your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs and website accounts.

I sincerely hope this article helps you in finding the news you need and as efficiently as you can, as there is always two sides to every story and many stories at that. I have found picking the right twitter account to follow with a few other choice social media accounts got me started. Then searching online until things started lining up. Then it was a simple matter of book marking and subscribing to the appropriate sources. Thanks again for reading, good luck at staying informed.