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Using A Roth Ira For Real Estate Purposes – How To Keep More Profits In Your Pocket

Recently I had the opportunity to interview two authors of books about the Apollo Moon landings. They are Jim Bell, author of Moon-3D and Rod Pyle, author of Missions to the Moon. I was also able to review both books.

Was that kind of inspiration and spiritual uplift worth the cost? I believe so. At it’s apex, Apollo and the NASA budget were costing about 4% of the federal budget of the U.S. (today’s NASA budget is about 0.5%). As a nation we spend more on coffee and donuts each year than on exploring new places, including on our own world. Shouldn’t a great nation, a great species, be willing to spend a small fraction of its enormous Is Melaleuca a Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Business Opportunity on inspirational, educational, and intangible things like space exploration? You could ask similar questions about art, or music, or theatre. Exploring new worlds lifts us up the same way.

The implosion of the Euro is the very reason that the Swiss are just now considering re-establishing a Gold Franc; the pressure being put on the (paper) Franc is intolerable. As the Euro disintegrates, Europeans are looking for a safe haven for their National Wealth Center. The USD is also collapsing, so moving wealth from Euro to Dollar would be like flipping from the frying pan into the fire… not good.

If you don’t manage your appearance, people still form a judgement. You can’t avoid that. And, don’t be fooled by those, who say it’s unimportant and all you need to do is a good job. Often, their dissembling is part of covering their own ambition. Few leaders get to the top without due care to their messaging and image-making. Haven’t you noticed the highly professional executive, who seems so reticent but always seems to lever him or herself into the right meetings. Or, the divisional head, who quietly develops an amazing contact base – and moves to become a CEO elsewhere. It’s not about fabrication (and performance is important) but reaching people is critical. And this includes your directors, bosses and peers as well as your direct reports and other staff. They’re all key to your career.

Gold is stored to help in the creation of more wealth and to help in asset creation. It is always possible to sell gold at the market rates. You do not have to resort to distress sales as you may have to when there is an urgent need for cash and your investments are only in real estate or stocks and shares. It is better to keep gold in smaller units like coins for quicker sales since the amount to be invested by the buyer is less.

One thing to consider with ROTH IRAs is that the contributions may be limited for high-income earning households. Your private investors will have to work with their tax advisor on that part. But, for many private investors, the thought of growing their money with you tax free is a great option.

Texas Capital is one of the babies of the bunch. They were established on 1997, but are already $5.1 Billion in assets. And another profitable Texas Bank. But unfortunately, the on-line rates are awful. Top rate is 1.21% APY. I’m really starting to worry here.